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© Verkehrshaus Luzern

Museum of Transport

The Museum of Transport is in many respects ideally suited as exhibition location for the Hall of Frames. Located in the heart of Lucerne not far from the train station, the Swiss Museum of Transport is easily accessible. From the train station you can easily get to the Swiss Museum of Transport, which is located directly on the shore of Lake Lucerne, by bus or even by course ship. The view of the city, the lake and the mountains from the exhibition hall is correspondingly unique.

You can bring your whole family and combine the visit to the Hall of Frames with an excursion to the very popular Swiss Museum of Transport. The Swiss Museum of Transport is the most visited museum in Switzerland and shows a large collection of locomotives, cars, ships and airplanes as well as exhibits from the field of communication. In addition to the museum, the Swiss Museum of Transport also houses a  Planetarium , the " Movie Theater " and the " Swiss Chocolate Adventure ".

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© Kongresshaus Zürich AG

Getting there

There are direct connections from Lucerne train station to most of the larger Swiss cities and to neighboring countries. It takes less than ten minutes to get from Lucerne train station to the Swiss Museum of Transport.

From Lucerne train station

8 minutes by train (S3 or Voralpenexpress) to the «Luzern Verkehrshaus» stop

10 minutes by bus no. 6, 8 or 24 to the «Verkehrshaus» stop

10 minutes by boat (own pier, «Verkehrshaus-Lido»)

30 minutes walk along the lake promenade

By car

Parking spaces along the Lidostrasse and opposite the Lido lido. 8 short-term parking spaces (2 hours), 4 disabled parking spaces and 3 fast charging stations for electric vehicles in front of the Swiss Museum of Transport

Museum of Transport   I   Lidostrasse 5   I   6006 Lucerne

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